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Educational Standards

Explore the various standards that provided the parameters of this curriculum and see how each unit and lesson plan meets them.

The multiple standards that guide social studies education formed the foundation for the “Moose on the Loose.” As there is no social studies assessment in the State of New Hampshire, standards become even more important in shaping high-quality social studies instruction in the Granite State. 

There were three levels of standards that informed this project—national standards, state standards, and standards specific to the “Moose on the Loose.”  

National standards focused on both social studies (the College, Career, and Civic Life [C3] Framework, the National Council for the Social Studies’ Ten Themes) and the three other core subjects (Common Core English language arts, Common Core math, and NextGen science). 

New Hampshire state standards (known as the New Hampshire Social Studies Frameworks) are currently under revision, but “Moose on the Loose” was designed to meet the old state standards and the revised standards as they are developing. The “Moose on the Loose” team has also consulted the state’s model competencies in English language arts, math, and science. As the state does not have social studies competencies for this age group, the “Moose on the Loose” team is developing model competencies in social studies for those schools that have adopted competency-based instruction. 

Finally, the “Moose on the Loose” team at the New Hampshire Historical Society has created both content and skills standards specifically for the "Moose." These two sets of standards work in conjunction with the state and national social studies standards. Together they provide a backbone for upper elementary social studies education.  

Five Ideas Every NH Kid Should Know

At the heart of “Moose on the Loose” are five ideas that have defined New Hampshire history and shaped the Granite State’s character. These ideas are woven into the “Moose” curriculum and provide the foundation for student learning about our communities, our state, our nation, and our world.

Each of the sections below contains more information about the standards, as well as unit charts, which provide educators with quick and easy reference to which standards are met by which lesson plans in each unit. 

Moose on the Loose Standards

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The New Hampshire Historical Society promotes high-quality social studies education that balances historical thinking skills with robust content knowledge.

New Hampshire State Standards

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The department of education in each state is intended to play a vital role in providing guidance in social studies, as there are no national social studies content standards.

National Standards

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The “Moose on the Loose” is integrated with all national standards, both in social studies and in the other three core subjects: English language arts, math, and science.