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Curriculum Paths

Overcome time constraints by following one of these curriculum paths, organized by key ideas, classroom time, and the essential list of what every fourth grader should know.

The “Moose on the Loose” project is ambitious. It is intended to serve as an introduction to state history for upper elementary students (Grades 3-6), and it covers the entire breadth of state history at an age-appropriate level. The “Moose on the Loose” team is well aware that the curriculum is unlikely to be taught in its entirety. Instead, our team designed this curriculum so that educators could select the topics or aspects of state history and social studies they wish to cover in the available instructional time. Units of study were created to work together as a cohesive whole or to stand alone as discrete elements. 

For further guidance in selecting the units of study right for your students, teachers will be able to consult the curated curriculum paths that will be outlined below as more of the curriculum becomes available. These curriculum paths will be grouped by three organizing principles: the amount of instructional time, key topics that transcend any one unit, and a bucket list of what every upper elementary student should know.