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Virtual Field Trips

Take your students to visit iconic New Hampshire spots around the state without ever leaving the classroom

Virtual field trips present students with opportunities to see New Hampshire like never before,as the "Moose on the Loose" team travels around the state—and even sometimes ventures beyond state borders—to capture the sites where history happened.

Each virtual field trip is organized around a Big Question that helps students get the most from their virtual experience. Activation activities get them primed on the topic and ready to "hit the road." The virtual field trip videos explore a variety of places, as the team interviews experts, tour guides, and reenactors, goes behind the scenes, and shows kids all the things that make New Hampshire a place like no other. A Travel Log graphic organizer helps kids process what they've seen.

After the video, a short classroom activity prompts students to delve into the Big Question. Extension activities provide further opportunities to explore the topic and often provide links to other resources in the "Moose on the Loose" where students and educators can learn even more.

Each virtual field trip takes about an hour to complete, including the videos and activities.

So buckle up as Mason the Moose travels around New Hampshire!

Mount Washington, Up, Up, and Away!

icon of a mountain
What's the best way to get to the top of Mount Washington?

New Hampshire Supreme Court

icon of a house
How does the Supreme Court help protect the people of New Hampshire?

Wicked Old Farms and Fairs

icon of a tree
How did farms help build New Hampshire’s communities?