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Welcome to New Hampshire Social Studies

Help your students discover how special New Hampshire is, introduce them to social studies skills that will lay the foundation for future learning, and inspire them with a lifelong love of the Granite State!

“Moose on the Loose” is an elementary social studies curriculum for the State of New Hampshire. Created by the New Hampshire Historical Society, it explores the Granite State’s history, economics, geography, and civic life, introducing elementary students to the state’s rich cultural heritage. Although intended for 4th graders, the site offers lots of material for kids in the elementary grades, much of which is adaptable even for students in older grades. "Moose on the Loose" provides many ways for kids to connect what they learn about the past to current, statewide issues. It also provides a foundation for lifelong learning about New Hampshire, America, and democratic traditions that unite us all. So dive in and find out more about the state we all love!

Essential Questions

These essential questions guide and inspire the study of the Granite State—its history, its culture, its economy, its way of life. Keep the questions in mind as you discover more about New Hampshire. How would you answer these questions? And what other questions would you ask as you explore the heritage of the Granite State?
  • 1
    How has New Hampshire come to be the way it is?
  • 2
    How has New Hampshire been shaped by many voices?
  • 3
    How have New Hampshire’s people shaped its government?
  • 4
    How has New Hampshire impacted the nation?

Table of Contents by Unit Plan

Designed to complement the unit material provided on the student side of this website, unit plans offer educators more detailed knowledge and instructional guidance for the curriculum.

Helpful Resources For Educators


All the resources in the curriculum in one searchable location.


Support the development of essential historical thinking skills and connects students directly to history.


Each IDM poses a compelling question from New Hampshire state history that continues to impact the world around us.


Develop and expand the skills necessary to introduce students to primary sources.


Curated pathways based on time, ideas, and what every fourth grader should know.

Educational Standards

“Moose on the Loose” standards, state and national standards.