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mason with waldo hat
mason as a clown
mason with waldo hat on left
mason as an artist
mason with a tophat
mason waving with waldo hat
mason as a mime
mason as a pirate

Secret Found...

Color Mason The Moose!


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Mason's Fun Fact! Founded in 1823, the New Hampshire Historical Society is the fifth-oldest state historical society in the United States. It is also one of the few state historical societies that is an independent nonprofit organization, not a state-funded agency.

“Moose on the Loose” is an upper elementary social studies curriculum for the State of New Hampshire. Created by the New Hampshire Historical Society, it explores the Granite State’s history, economics, geography, and civic life, introducing elementary students to the state’s rich cultural heritage. The site offers lots of material for kids in the upper elementary grades (Grades 3-6), much of which is adaptable even for students in older grades. "Moose on the Loose" provides many ways for kids to connect what they learn about the past to current, statewide issues. It also provides a foundation for lifelong learning about New Hampshire, America, and the democratic traditions that unite us all. So dive in and find out more about the state we all love!