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The “Moose on the Loose” curriculum is integrated with all national standards, both in social studies and in the other three core subjects: English language arts, math, and science. In this way, educators may maximize their instructional time by using this curriculum to explore all four major subject areas. 

College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Frameworks

The C3 Framework was a collaborative effort between educators and academics in more than 20 states to devise national skills standards for the social studies. Completed in 2010, the C3 effort was organized by the National Council for the Social Studies. The C3 Framework relies on inquiry-based instruction organized into four dimensions that require students to pose relevant, authentic questions about social studies, conduct research following the guidelines of specific social studies disciplines, present a compelling, evidence-based argument, and then take informed action. 

10 Themes of Social Studies 

Also spearheaded by the National Council for the Social Studies, the Ten Themes provide a general content framework for the social studies, although the NCSS charges states to develop more specific social studies content standards to guide schools’ instructional efforts.  

Common Core English Language Arts 

More than any other subject, English language arts overlaps with social studies, and many ELA standards can be covered through a social studies curriculum. Even educators who don’t have dedicated social studies instructional time can use the “Moose on the Loose” curriculum for ELA instruction and social studies, thereby covering both subject areas simultaneously. 

Common Core Math 

Although there is less overlap between math and social studies, the “Moose on the Loose” curriculum still provides opportunities to apply math skills to real-life situations from the past, helping students learn the value of understanding facts and figures when learning about the world around them. 

NextGeneration Science 

Advances in science very often had substantial impacts on how people lived. By exploring developments in fields like technology, power, transportation, and communication, “Moose on the Loose” students can see the links between science and society.