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Our lives in New Hampshire are full of traditions, or cherished ways of doing things. But people in New Hampshire also find new ways to do things. Throughout our history, Granite Staters have created inventions or led the nation in reform movements and new industries. The New Hampshire we know today may seem very different from the New Hampshire of long ago. Our society is always changing to meet new challenges and explore new ideas. But our way of life also has its roots in our state’s past.

Focus Questions for This Unit

What questions shape your exploration of this unit? Think about these focus questions as you learn about this topic and add your own!
  • 1
    What ideas have defined New Hampshire history and shaped the Granite State’s character?
  • 2
    How can we celebrate culture and adapt to diversity in New Hampshire today?

Learn It!

Explore thje Granite State today and see how our modern culture is a blend of old traditions and new ideas.

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View the images, objects, documents, maps, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words in this unit

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Use the knowledge you’ve gained in this unit to play these online games and complete the review activities

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Visit New Hampshire places where the things in this unit are happening


Explore the section of the Moose Timeline covered in this unit to find out what else is happening in New Hampshire and America.