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Color Mason The Moose!


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All the resources that appear in this unit are gathered here for you—the photographs, maps, objects, audiovisuals, documents, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words. Click on the image below to see a larger view of each resource with more information about each one. On some of the resources you can even zoom in and get a closer look. So go ahead, dive in, and explore. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a historian.


Find It! Scavenger Hunt

Can you help Mason find these items on the page and answer the questions?

Photographs & Prints in this Unit:

Concord Lumber Company
Clearcutting near Albany
Forest Fire
Asquam Lake
Saco River, North Conway
Planet Earth
Uncanoonuc Incline Railway Climbing the Mountain
Sawyer Woolen Mills
Stacked Lumber Waiting for Transport
Elm Street By Night
Fishing at Amoskeag Falls
Plymouth Wilderness
Factories During the Industrial Revolution
Pile of Trees from Logging
Dump on the Banks of the Nashua River
Old Man of the Mountain Viewing Plaza
Mount Lincoln After a Fire
Foresters at Work
Glencliff Trail
White Mountain National Forest Brochure
White Mountain National Forest Sign
Franconia Mountains and the Pemigewasset
Franconia Notch, White Mountains, Echo Lake and Profile House
Profile House Fire
Child Participating in Franconia Notch Campaign
Water Pollution
Cleaning Up Kezar Lake
Cleaning Up the Rivers
Industrial Electricity Line Tower
Oil Spill
Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant
Seabrook Protest
Clamshell Alliance Poster
Clough State Park
New Hampshire Historical Society Renovations
Exeter High School Solar Panels
Hiking at Artist's Bluff
Mount Washington Summit
Cleaning Up Pollution

Maps & Charts in this Unit:

Forest Cover in 1894
Land Use in New Hampshire
Merrimack River Watershed
Northern Pass Proposed Route

Objects in this Unit:

Stop Northern Pass Button
White Mountain National Forest Quarter

Documents in this Unit:

Tree Purchase Certificate
Buy a Tree
Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Membership Certificate
Franconia Notch Campaign
Opposing the Oil Refinery Project
Save Our Shores Membership Card