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All the resources that appear in this unit are gathered here for you—the photographs, maps, objects, audiovisuals, documents, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words. Click on the image below to see a larger view of each resource with more information about each one. On some of the resources you can even zoom in and get a closer look. So go ahead, dive in, and explore. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a historian.

Find It! Scavenger Hunt

Can you help Mason find these items on the page and answer the questions?

Photographs & Prints in this Unit:

Textile Factory Workers
Shoe Factory Workers
Boy in Doorway
Granite Quarry Workers
Logging Workmen and Horse Team
Breakfast Bell on Board an Emigrant Ship
Peasants at Work in Russia
Greek School Class Photo
John Swenson and Sons
Schoolhouse and Students in Manchester
Manchester Turn Verein Club
Green Fields with Sheep
Farmland in New Hampshire
Cottage in Quebec
Temple Israel in Portsmouth
Worship at the Synagogue
La Caisse Populaire Ste-Marie (St. Mary’s Bank)
Finnish Society Hall
Soldiers Prevent Russian Peasants from Leaving a Village
Immigrants Arriving at New York
Group of Immigrants to the United States
Group of Emigrants Waiting to Leave
Uncle Sam's Youngest Son, Citizen Know Nothing
John Hapgood Maynard
Nansen Ski Club Jump
Pike Manufacturing Company
Immigrants on an Atlantic Liner
Immigrants on a Dock
Welcoming Immigrants
New American Soccer Club
Emigrants Leave Ireland
Limiting Immigration
New Hampshire Welcome Sign
Ellis Island Immigrant Station
Ellis Island Registry Room
Manchester Saint Patrick's Day Parade
Miville and Deschenes Store
Polish Men after Naturalization Ceremony (detail)
Grace Episcopal Church and St. Joseph's Cathedral
U.S. Bicentennial Parade
Beauregard Lumber
Deschenes Delivery Truck
Saint Jean Baptiste Society Meeting
Patriotic Postcard
President Coolidge and Native Americans
Women's Suffrage Parade
Italian Market

Maps & Charts in this Unit:

Great Wave French-Canadian Communities
Great Wave Russian Communities
Major 19th-Century Industries of New Hampshire
Great Wave Polish Communities
Great Wave Scandinavian Communities
Great Wave Jewish Communities
Great Wave Greek Communities
Great Wave Irish Communities
Population of New Hampshire, 1850—1930
Great Wave Immigrants to New Hampshire
Ireland and the Great Wave
French Canada and the Great Wave
Immigration to New Hampshire Today
Immigrant Communities in the United States

Objects in this Unit:

Ferdinand Picard's Violin
Union St-Jean Baptiste d'Amerique Ribbon
Ancient Order of Hibernians Hat
Coffee Mill
Effects of Potato Blight

Audiovisuals in this Unit:

Mason Presents: Jewish Immigration to Manchester
Mason Presents: French Canadian Fiddle Music

Documents in this Unit:

No Democrat or Irish Need Apply
Swedish Baptismal Certificate
Ringling Brothers Circus Advertisement
Letter from E. E. Sturtevant to George W. Sturtevant (2 of 2)
Letter from E. E. Sturtevant to George W. Sturtevant (1 of 2)
Booklet of Practical Information
Job Advertisement from L'Avenir
Greek-Language Newspaper
Russian Recipe Card

Videos in this Unit:

Mason Explains: Push-Pull Factors
Mason Explains: How Immigrants Traveled
Mason Explains: Melting Pot Versus Salad Bowl
Mason Asks: What Were the Amoskeag Mills?