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There’s no better way to feel like you’re part of history than to experience it, either by visiting the spot where it happened or participating in a hands-on program that lets you get closer to history. Experiential learning, which is a fancy way of saying that people learn through their experiences, helps people connect with the past and imagine what it would have been like to be a part of it.
Virtual field trips offer you a chance to visit places you might not be able to see otherwise. Sometimes, they’ll take you to places that are not normally open to the public. Other times, they give you an opportunity to see places that might be too far away to visit in person. Each of the “Moose on the Loose” virtual field trips will pose a question and then take you on an online journey to find the answer. Along the way, you’ll visit places around the state that will help you gather clues to help you answer the question and see history for yourself. You might even meet a few famous Granite Staters along the way. By the end of your virtual field trip, you should be able to answer the question and solve the history mystery!
There are also suggestions for museums or organizations where you, your family, or your class can visit to participate in a program or tour that brings the topic alive. So go see it for yourself! Or bring a traveling program to your school or group.

Virtual Field Trip: Working Mills and Mill Work

How did mills change New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Field Trips on “Immigration in the Industrial Age”

Field Trip
New Hampshire Historical Society
Field trips at the New Hampshire Historical Society highlight a broad range of iconic objects associated with the state’s history, many of which were created by immigrants. Part of the program discusses the contributions of immigrants to the Granite State and the immigrant experience.
Field Trips & Classroom Programs
Manchester Millyard Museum
Manchester saw a greater influx of immigrants than any other area of the state. Immigrant communities grew up all over the city and brought a mix of culture to Manchester. Explore the Queen City’s immigrant past with walking tours, guided interactive tours, traveling time trunks, and hands-on experiences, all geared toward students.
Field Trip
Strawbery Banke Museum
Strawbery Banke Museum recreates the oldest neighborhood in Portsmouth, featuring historic houses that portray over four centuries of history in the seacoast region. Among the many program offerings are tours focusing on immigrant communities and an outreach program on immigration stories.
Field Trip
Boott Cotton Mills
Located at the Tsongas Industrial History Center in Massachusetts, the Boott Mills are part of Lowell National Park. In addition to field trips on industrial history, they also offer an onsite program called “Yankees and Immigrants,” as well as an outreach program that explores the immigrant experience through primary sources.