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All the resources that appear in this unit are gathered here for you—the photographs, maps, objects, audiovisuals, documents, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words. Click on the image below to see a larger view of each resource with more information about each one. On some of the resources you can even zoom in and get a closer look. So go ahead, dive in, and explore. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a historian.


Find It! Scavenger Hunt

Can you help Mason find these items on the page and answer the questions?

Photographs & Prints in this Unit:

Textile Factory Workers
Shoe Factory Workers
Logging Workmen and Horse Team
Inside a Paper Mill
View from Lewis Nute Farm
Trolley Cars from Manchester
Weaving Machines at the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Children's Garden
Playground at Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Amoskeag Locomotive
Stark Mills
Mill Workers on Strike
One Day's Production of Amoskeag Cloth
Aerial View of Manchester
Woman at Loom
Women Working at the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Baseball Team
Quilling Machine at Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Explosion
Flooding in the Manchester Millyard
Amoskeag Fire Engine
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Amoskeag Housing
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Workers
Pittsfield Shoe Company Workers
Logging at Amoskeag Falls
Bales of Cotton
Processing Lumber
Children Working in a Textile Mill
Girl Working at Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Girls Running Machines in a Textile Mill
Boy Sweeper in a Textile Mill
Young Workers at Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Women Marching in Concord
Dover in 1910
Printing Company Employees
Winter Carnival Poster
Electric Trolley Car
Telephone Operators
Hopkinton Village Road
Panoramic View of Manchester Millyard
Laconia Car Company
New Hampshire's Clay Industries
Dover Factories
Loading Cotton Bales onto Trucks
Stereoscope Factory
Textile Mill Workers and Bobbins
New England Mill Girls
Spinning Room in a Textile Mill
Textile Mill Workers
Cocheco Mill Company Drivers
Sawyer Woolen Mills
Varick's Store
Workers at a New Hampshire Factory
Bird's-Eye View of Berlin Mills
Stacked Lumber Waiting for Transport
Transatlantic Telegraph Cable
Manchester Millyard in the 1960s
New Hampshire Farms: Your Opportunity
Amoskeag Mill Girls
Varney School Students Wearing Amoskeag Gingham
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Upriver
Jefferson Mill (1 of 2)
Jefferson Mill (2 of 2)
Manchester Mills and Mill Housing
Lunchtime at Amoskeag Mills
Amoskeag Mill Number 11
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Downriver
Amoskeag Locomotive Number 92
Bird's-Eye View of Manchester
Amoskeag Falls
Amoskeag Self-Propelled Steam Fire Engine
Exterior of Amoskeag Engine Room After an Explosion
Inside Amoskeag Engine Room After an Explosion
Amoskeag Engine Room After an Explosion
Machinery After an Explosion at the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
New York the Wonder City
Corliss Steam Engine
Radio Advertisement
Boys Working at Amoskeag Company
Lewis Nute Farm
View Near Manchester
Mill at New Ipswich
New Hampshire Farm Scene
Grazing Sheep
Dairy Farm Workers
Farm Worker
Harvesting Hay
New Hampshire Grange Fair and Festival
Nibroc Towels Advertisement
Elm Street By Night
The Bobbin Girl
Power Loom Weaving
Cotton Carding Machines
Abbot-Downing Company Union Workers
March to Support Striking Workers
Stevens Mill
Trash on the Street Outside Tenement
Patrol Wagon
Factories During the Industrial Revolution
Pile of Trees from Logging
Poster No. 5—Boots and Shoes
Boot and Shoe Card

Maps & Charts in this Unit:

Forest Cover in 1894
New Hampshire Town Boundaries
New Hampshire Major Lakes and Rivers
Railroad Map of New Hampshire 1890
Manchester Millyard
Population in New Hampshire Towns
United States Time Zone Map
New Hampshire Cities 1920
New Hampshire Cities 2010

Objects in this Unit:

Award-Winning Amoskeag Cloth
Amoskeag Gingham Samples
Amoskeag Fabric Sample Book
Shuttle and Bobbin
George Washington's Vest
George Washington's Vest (inside)
Recording Clock
Rotary Telephone
Mobile Telephones
Push Button Telephone
Wall Telephone
Desk Telephone
Public Telephone Booth
Shoe Machine
Women's Shoe Sole
Hand-Woven Cloth
Amoskeag Rifle
Nibroc Towels and Case
Nibroc Towels

Documents in this Unit:

Stark Mills Employee Rules
Boardinghouse Rules
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Timetable
Shoe Advertisement
United Colonies Currency
Merrimack River Bank Currency
Hillsborough Bank Currency
Piscataqua Exchange Bank Currency 
Federal Reserve Currency
Westinghouse Electric Advertisement
Shoe Factory Advertisement
Mills for Sale
White Mountain Refrigerator Advertisement
Boardinghouse Rules for Mill Girls

Videos in this Unit:

Mason Explains: The Invention of "Free Time"
Mason Explains: From Farm to City
Mason Explains: What Is Childhood?
Mason Explains: The Story of a Shoe
Mason Explains: Factory Work
Mason Explains: Railroads in New Hampshire
Mason Explains: Textile Production
Mason Asks: What Were the Amoskeag Mills?

Biographies in this Unit:

Ezekiel Straw