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All the resources that appear in this unit are gathered here for you—the photographs, maps, objects, audiovisuals, documents, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words. Click on the image below to see a larger view of each resource with more information about each one. On some of the resources you can even zoom in and get a closer look. So go ahead, dive in, and explore. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a historian.


Find It! Scavenger Hunt

Can you help Mason find these items on the page and answer the questions?

Photographs & Prints in this Unit:

Three Sisters
Indians Playing Lacrosse on the Ice
Fishing at Amoskeag Falls
Indian Sugar Camp
Abenaki Couple
Wabanaki Encampment, circa 1000 BCE
Plymouth Wilderness
Amoskeag Freshet, Manchester
Abenaki Community
Abenaki Sachem
Fishing Weirs
Abenaki Wigwam
Abenaki Village
American Black Bear
Abenaki Healer
Gluskabe and the Whale
Tanning Animal Hides
On the Abenaki Trail
Going to Fight the Iroquois
Artists from the Nulhegan Band of Coosuk Abenaki
Native Americans and English Trading
Snow Snake Game
Franconia Mountain
Recollections of the White Mountains
The Manner of Their Fishing
Indian Council
Native Americans Hunting on Mount Desert Island

Maps & Charts in this Unit:

N'dakinna and New England States
Abenaki-Inspired Place Names
Spiritual Balance

Objects in this Unit:

Soapstone Bowl
Grooved Ax Head
Birch Bark Canoe Model
Quilled Box
Sap Bucket
Abenaki Animal Resources
Ball Rattle
Bear Tooth Bracelet
Deer Toe Leg Rattle
Porcupine Quill Belt
Bracelet and Quahog Shell
Deadfall Trap
Longhouse Interior
Abenaki Clothing
Fringed Clothing
Clothing Decorations
Moccasins and Peaked Cap
Beaded Possibles Bag
Wampum and Cowrie Shell Necklace
Longhouse Reconstruction
Abenaki Clay Pot
Water Drum
Gourd Rattle

Audiovisuals in this Unit:

Mason Presents: Abenaki Stories: Creation
Mason Presents: Abenaki Stories: Where Gluskabe Camps
Mason Presents: Abenaki Stories: Gluskabe Creates Companions
Mason Presents: Abenaki Stories: Gluskabe Changes Maple Syrup

Videos in this Unit:

Biographies in this Unit: