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Mason’s Fun Fact! New Hampshire is the fifth smallest state, and it has the shortest coastline (just 18 miles). But it also has the tallest peak in the northeast (Mount Washington), 1,300 lakes and ponds, and over 40,000 miles of rivers and streams. What other fun facts about the Granite State will you uncover while working on your project?

Projects give you a chance to put together everything you’ve learned into one, big, impressive presentation. It could be a digital slideshow, a traditional book, a video, a performance, or something all your own. It’s your opportunity to show what you know! 

Projects are fun ways to show how much you understand about the state of New Hampshire, its people, and its history. Projects are about more than one topic, and they ask you to go back over what you’ve learned to pull several ideas together. It doesn’t matter how many of "Moose" lessons or activities you’ve done: you’ll be able to succeed in a project if you’re interested in New Hampshire and want to learn and do more! 

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Five Days in New Hampshire