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Color Mason The Moose!


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All the resources that appear in this unit are gathered here for you—the photographs, maps, objects, audiovisuals, documents, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words. Click on the image below to see a larger view of each resource with more information about each one. On some of the resources you can even zoom in and get a closer look. So go ahead, dive in, and explore. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a historian.


Find It! Scavenger Hunt

Can you help Mason find these items on the page and answer the questions?

Photographs & Prints in this Unit:

Meeting with Voters
Campaign Event in 1952
Alpine Skier
State House Primary Campaign Board
Robert Frost
Swimming and Diving at Camp
One Day's Production of Amoskeag Cloth
Aerial View of Manchester
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Workers
Children Working in a Textile Mill
Winter Carnival Poster
Dover Factories
Cocheco Mill Company Drivers
New Hampshire Farms: Your Opportunity
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Upriver
Bird's-Eye View of Manchester
Radio Advertisement
The Bobbin Girl
Christa McAuliffe in Parade in Front of State House
Beach Project
Cutting Trees
Working in the Kitchen
Sketches of Working in the Forest
Sketches of Working Outside
CCC Activities
Civilian Conservation Corps Logo
New Hampshire Welcome Sign, early 2000s
New Hampshire Welcome Sign, current
Yankee Magazine Cover, April 1940
Yankee Magazine Cover, August 1941
Yankee Magazine Cover, October 1942
Yankee Magazine Cover, August 1945
Yankee Magazine Cover, September 1946
Yankee Magazine Cover, October 1947
Yankee Magazine Cover, November 1948
Yankee Magazine Cover, October 1949
Chippa Granite Says Buy NH Products
Chippa Granite and NH Beaches
Chippa Granite and NH Skiing
Chippa Granite and NH Natural Beauty
Chippa Granite and NH Potatoes
March Promises
The Hope of Spring
April Sees the Birds Return
Deerfield Old Home Day
Old Home Week Letterhead
Keene's Main Street in the 1900s
Lieutenant John Winant
First Infantry Division, N.H. National Guard
World War I Potato Drive
Early Automobile
The Roaring Twenties
Family Listening to Radio
Movie Premiere
Automobiles at a Ballpark
Dolphyn Motel
Soup Kitchen
John Winant
Native Wildflowers
All Off Together
Snow Train Poster
Mount Cranmore Skimobile
Goffstown Incline Railway
World War II Poster
World War II Victory Booth
USS Archerfish
World War II Ends
Chippa Granite Says Make Mine Milk
Sanders Graphic 7 Terminal
Alan Shepard Suited Up
Housing Segregation
March on Washington
Keep Thomson Governor
Andover in the Early 1900s
Elm Street at Night, Manchester
Main Street, Tilton
Yankee Magazine Offices
Autumn in New Hampshire
Tasha Tudor Drawing
Our Town
On Golden Pond Poster
Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway
Submarine USS L-8
Alice Cosgrove
Amoskeag Company Great Flag
Pandora Worker
Advertisement Postcard, Pandora Factory Store
Pulpwood Logging
Wild Life in the White Mountains
Industry in New Hampshire
Farming in New Hampshire
New Deal Artist

Maps & Charts in this Unit:

New Hampshire Town Boundaries
Airways of the World
Unemployment in the United States, 1910–1960
CCC Camps and Projects in New Hampshire

Objects in this Unit:

Award-Winning Amoskeag Cloth
Old Home Week Pin
ERA is for Everyone
Nashua Dodgers 1946 Mural
WPA Sign

Documents in this Unit:

Proclamation for Old Home Week
Unemployment Relief Act (page 1)
Unemployment Relief Act (page 2)
Civilian Conservation Corps Application, New Hampshire, 1933
Civilian Conservation Corps Application, New Hampshire (page 1 of 2)
Civilian Conservation Corps Application, New Hampshire (page 2 of 2)
Summary of Civilian Conservation Corps in New Hampshire
The Waterfall Poem

Biographies in this Unit:

Frank W. Rollins
Alice Cosgrove
Robert Frost
Christa McAuliffe
Alan Shepard
Tasha Tudor
Thornton Wilder
Donald Hall
John Winant