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All the resources that appear in this unit are gathered here for you—the photographs, maps, objects, audiovisuals, documents, videos, biographies, and vocabulary words. Click on the image below to see a larger view of each resource with more information about each one. On some of the resources you can even zoom in and get a closer look. So go ahead, dive in, and explore. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a historian.


Find It! Scavenger Hunt

Can you help Mason find these items on the page and answer the questions?

Photographs & Prints in this Unit:

Worship at the Synagogue
New Hampshire State House
Women's Suffrage Parade
Reporters Covering the 1952 Primary
Women Marching in Concord
David Hackett Souter
Andover Town Meeting
New Hampshire Town Meeting
Bristol Town Meeting
Newbury Town Meeting
Voting at Town Meeting
Voter Check-In
Speaking at Town Meeting
N.H. Supreme Court
American Political Parties
Governor Sununu
New Hampshire State House
Hopkinton Town Meeting
Paying Taxes
Tax Protest
New Hampshire State Flag
New Hampshire State Seal
Hopkinton Town Hall
New Hampshire Legislature

Maps & Charts in this Unit:

Branches of Government
Town Government Structure
Cities in New Hampshire

Objects in this Unit:

Ballot Box
18th-century Shoe
Save Market Basket! Sign

Documents in this Unit:

1944 Republican Primary Ballot
New Hampshire Constitution of 1776
Workers' Compensation Law

Videos in this Unit:

Mason Explains: How a Primary Works
Mason Explains: The Constitutional Convention
Mason Explains: First Amendment Rights
Mason Explains: How a Bill Becomes a Law
Mason Explains: Rights and Responsibilities
Mason Explains: The Preamble